Mom Approved YouTubers Who Don’t Drop the F-Bomb…

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YouTube is an entity that has always eluded me. My kids (11,8, and 5) all love something about Youtube. My youngest loves to watch videos of people eating crunchy food or videos of a lady playing with My Little Pony figurines . My middle son can’t get enough of watching other kids videoing themselves playing video games. My oldest son tends to like to watch things like gun shooting and people destroying random objects. They all 3 think the guy who chugs random large volumes of liquid is super entertaining. The sheer amount of mindless videos that they enjoy astounds me.

I do not have parental controls on YouTube and I probably should. However, I know what they watch by peeking at search history on a regular basis. For the last 2 years I have not allowed them on Youtube unless I am in the room. By now my boys know what is appropriate and what is not. However, there is occasionally that awkward moment when I hear bad words coming from the television. It has taken some time for me to learn which YouTubers are kid friendly and which are not. For those of you who have young kids at home, I have compiled a short list of popular channels on YouTube that are appropriate for kids and ones you may actually enjoy watching with your children.

Our Favorite YouTube Channels:

  1. Mark Rober
    • His videos are my absolute favorite. Mark Rober is an engineer and inventor who used to work for NASA. This man does science experiments on an epic scale. My kids enjoyed when he filled a pool full of jello and his experiments with elephant toothpaste are really cool too. His videos are educational and fun. He does a good job of explaining his methods so kids can understand what he is doing.
  2. OutDoor Boys
    • This one makes my list because I am a sucker for good dads who do things with their kids. He is originally from Alaska and takes his kids on camping and fishing trips. Some of his videos are of him fixing and restoring things in his garage. The last video we watched was of him and his kids having a nerf gun war. His videos are fun and sometimes we learn a thing or two from him.
  3. Unspeakable
    • This young man is a YouTuber named Nathan, who goes by the alias Unspeakable. He is a big kid at heart who does all kinds of fun challenges and games with his friends. Some of his videos consist of him playing hide and seek, building large lego houses, and filling his entire house with Orbeez. What I like about him is he can play and be silly without being obscene or vulgar.
  4. Preston Playz
    • Most of Prestons videos are of him playing Minecraft. His wife also plays and has her own videos too. I have also seen videos of them playing hide and seek with friends. He also keeps language clean and my boys, who are into Minecraft, tend to get some gaming tips off of him
  5. MrBeast
    • Jimmy, who goes by the alias MrBeast, is actually a philanthropist. He creates games and challenges for his friends and gives away money while doing it. He is also known for creating elaborate stunts and challenges. My kids like the video of the padded room challenge, where MrBeast sits in a padded room for hours and his friends try to get him out by annoying him. If they win, he gives money away.
  6. PDK Films
    • My kids love all things nerf guns and nerf gun wars. This YouTube channel is basically one big nerf war. In case you are wondering, PDK stands for Paul David Kousky, the man behind the videos. Not much is said during these videos, but you hear lots of nerf gun shooting and for some odd reason, it is pretty entertaining.
  7. AFV
    • This one is not technically a YouTuber. We just love funny videos of people falling, animals being silly, and kids doing funny things.

For those of you parents lost in the YouTube tunnel of confusion, I hope this helps guide you. I wish someone had written this out for me years ago.

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