A Note from Your Giant Breed Dog

Hello there. I am so glad you are here to talk to me. I don’t always do the best job of communicating my emotions to you, yet there is so much I want you to know. I will start off by saying I am so so sorry I stepped on your foot this morning. I do it all the time and don’t mean to, its just that my feet are so big and it’s easy for me to lose track of where they are in space. Speaking of space, I love to be in yours. I am really sorry I was in your space last night and my tail knocked over your beverage on the coffee table. Also, I am sorry I stepped on your foot again while you were cleaning it up. And this is probably a good time to apologize for all of the times you have had to change your pants before work because I slobbered on them.

I know that I am extra in every sense of the word simply because of my size. At times you seem annoyed at my attempts to become your literal shadow. What you don’t know is how much my proximity to you matters to me. I can not express to you the joy you bring to me just by being present. I love your scent and the way your fingers feel behind my ears when you scratch them. I live for the moments when you lay on the floor with me and rub my belly, or when you slip me a piece of ice when you are getting a drink for your self.

It is true that I watch your every move. I know the sound of your footsteps from anyone else’s in the house and the sound of your car from anyone else’s in the neighborhood. I notice the difference in your cadence when you are down or tired. At times your anxiety radiates through the room. It is intense and permeates your energy like a poison. I am not sure why this is, but somehow my sitting beside you helps the anxious cloud to dissipate. I promise to always sit there for you, as long as it takes, until your energy changes and you are ready to move.

My time with you in this life will be short. My lifespan is not as long as other, smaller breeds. I promise to make up for this by filling everyday with extra love and lots of laughter. The connection between you and I will never be broken. You are my person. I am your dog.

Love always,

Your giant breed dog

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