Sunday Good Thoughts

Sunday is a great day to reflect on good things. With the world turning toward the bleak and negative, I would like to take a moment on this Sunday to think of good things going on around us. Positive thoughts for the week ahead! It is a well studied phenomenon that the worst night of sleep for Americans is Sunday night. So I figure, what better night to write about positive, good things than on a Sunday evening? So here goes nothing, lets try this and see how Sunday night goes.

  1. Smiling is the humans first facial expression 😊
  2. Doing a good deed triggers a high in the brain
  3. Baby Puffins are called Pufflings and that is just cute
  4. Otters have a hidden pocket in their skin where they carry their favorite rock
  5. If you live to 90yrs old, you will experience 4,680 Mondays. That would be equal to 13 YEARS of your life, just in MONDAYS! Lets embrace all of our Mondays. After all, they add up to a lot of years of our lives.

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